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Tips for saving electricity during freezer operation

When we are in the process of using the freezer, we can find that its energy consumption is actually relatively large. If we are more worried about this problem, it is best to take some measures to make it more energy efficient. So what methods do we use in the process to make the refrigerator more energy-efficient? The following article is a detailed introduction:

An analysis of the key cooling technologies for chiller operation, the best way to save energy and electricity. Energy-saving principle of refrigerator: reduce condensing temperature On the premise of satisfying equipment safety and production requirements, try to improve the transpiration temperature and reduce the condensing temperature. To this end, the transformation of the cooling tower has been increased to ensure the cooling water efficiency.

The continuous development and spread of small industrial equipment and other products, and various supporting products such as scientific instruments and small industrial equipment have also been developed rapidly. The small chiller is one of them. Its function is to pass water with relatively low temperature. Take away the heat generated by products such as scientific instruments and small industrial equipment, so as to keep the temperature of product parts such as scientific instruments and small industrial equipment at a low level.

The lithium bromide aqueous solution used in the absorption refrigeration unit is a working medium, during which water is a refrigerant, and lithium bromide is an absorbent. Lithium bromide is a salt, which is white crystal, easily soluble in water and alcohol, non-toxic, stable in chemical properties, and will not change. The presence of air in the lithium bromide aqueous solution of the refrigerator is highly corrosive to iron and steel. The lithium bromide absorption refrigerator uses water as a refrigerant and the transpiration temperature is above 0 ° C. It can only be used for air conditioning equipment and cold water for production processes.

Refrigerators are overcharged with refrigerant. This situation generally occurs after maintenance, which is manifested by high suction and discharge pressures and equilibrium pressures, and high compressor operating currents. Bleed according to suction and discharge pressure and equilibrium pressure and operating current under normal conditions until normal.

The enclosed freezer has no installation cooling tower, which is easy to install and easy to move. It is suitable for occasions where the water source lacks no installation water tower. Low noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensation, stable and saving mechanism, excellent anti-rust treatment. The open-type freezer uses high-performance compressors imported from Europe and the United States, with a high EER value, low noise, and stable operation.

Generally, if you use the freezer in accordance with the above article content, you don't need to worry about the fact that it will generate a very large amount of electricity in the process of operation, which can reduce costs.