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Descaling work that should be paid attention to in daily maintenance and maintenance of freezer

Since the protection and maintenance of the freezer are very important, we trust that we will not ignore the relevant content introduction in this regard. As many details are simply ignored by us in the process of cleaning, Xiaobian wants to share some descaling methods and important components for us.
Refrigerator descaling is an important task and an important aspect of routine protection and maintenance of refrigerators. Let ’s talk about the descaling components of the refrigerator and its methods. Let ’s get into the subject below.
Descaling parts:
Depending on the type of refrigerator, its descaling components are also different. The following are the main condensers, evaporators, and circulating water pipes.
Condenser, descaling of the condenser, is divided into water cooling and air cooling.
Freezer descaling component and method thereof
For air-cooled condensers, cleaning is mainly to remove the dust from the condenser condenser. The dust and dirt can also be removed using a descaling agent. Of course, the descaling operation should be periodic and timed. Otherwise, it will affect the normality of the refrigerator use.
For water-cooled condensers, cleaning is mainly descaling, which is relatively more difficult to clean and clean. It is necessary to use descaling agents, as well as equipment such as cleaning pumps and liquid tanks.
For the evaporator, scale often occurs on the outside of the evaporator. This is because the evaporator must be placed in chilled water to be able to give the chilled water the amount of heat generated by the evaporation and heat absorption of the refrigerant in the inner tube. Descaling of the evaporator is also important, otherwise the cooling effect will be affected.
The circulating water pipeline and the circulating water pipeline must also be cleaned and cleaned. Cleaning and washing must be performed in a shutdown state. It is necessary to ensure that the valves of the system are opened. If the valves are not opened, the refrigeration machine cannot be cleaned. Cycle cleaning status.
Need to determine the cleaning and descaling needs to use the descaling agent, and ensure that the descaling agent is suitable for the cleaning of pipes and parts of the refrigerator, most descaling agents are acidic, which is the acid in the general sense For washing and pickling, it is necessary to master the concentration ratio, otherwise the internal corrosion of the refrigerator will be extremely simple.
After shutdown and start cleaning, it is necessary to first compose the cleaning device into a cleaning system, and carry out different treatments according to different parts to be cleaned. Of course, it can also be cleaned manually, but it is more difficult to clean and clean without the aid of equipment such as a cleaning pump .
These are the important parts that must not be ignored when descaling the freezer. I hope we can get some help after reading this article.