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How to use the hot and cold machine?

The hot and cold integrated machine should be operated and managed by a special person. When abnormality is found, the machine should be shut down in time, the cause should be eliminated, and the fault should be eliminated. The defective unit should not be operated after adjustment. In particular, users should not change the operating parameters that have been set at will. The changes may affect the product unnecessarily. Not to mention the effects. If other illnesses may affect the safety of life, this is not good, so it must be To put an end to it. The main circuit power switch of the product cannot be turned off during the normal operation period to maintain the normal operation of the compact oil heater.
How to use the hot and cold machine? In combination with the above schematic diagram, Hisilicon temperature control provides the following points for you, please refer to:
1. There is a heating / cooling dual circulation system inside the integrated hot and cold machine. When you use it for the first time, you must clearly see the sign on the machine. For example, foreword inlet, outlet, water inlet, outlet and so on. It should be connected in the correct way to prevent the reverse connection between heat transfer oil and circulating water.

2. As shown in the figure above, the red line part is the thermal oil / hot water heating circulation part, and the other blue part is the circulating water. I believe that everyone has no problem when they meet the red part. The circulating water part needs to pay attention to the cleanliness, temperature, pressure and flow of cooling water coming from the cooling water tower. These data need to look at the manual of the integrated hot and cold machine, maybe consult the manufacturer of the integrated hot and cold machine to admit it. If it fails to meet the standard, it will affect the service life of the machine and the cooling effect.
3. When the integrated hot and cold machine is used for the first time, or when the internal heat transfer oil / circulated water has been replaced, the temperature needs to be set to "0 ° C" at startup to allow it to run about 10Min on its own. It is normal and stable hours to start heating.
4. The integrated hot and cold machine also needs to set the temperature to "0 ° C" at the time of shutdown. Perhaps the electric heating power should be adjusted to the stop position and run for about 20Min to reduce the surface temperature of the heating tube before it can be turned off.
5. When the integrated hot and cold machine is not used for a long time on holidays, it is necessary to release the circulating water (hot water, cooling water) and blow it with compressed air.
Compared with water temperature machine and oil temperature machine, the hot and cold machine will be more complicated. If you need a specific understanding of friends, welcome to visit the official website of Jiangsu Hisilicon or call to inquire.