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Performance advantages of low temperature chiller

Now, it can be said that most types of industrial production require industrial refrigeration equipment to provide professional refrigeration. An efficient low-temperature chiller equipment can provide greater help for various industrial productions, so today Xiaobian comes to everyone Briefly introduce the performance of low temperature chiller .

1. Compact structure and stable operation: The condenser and dry evaporator of the unit use high-efficiency heat transfer tubes. The host machine uses imported high-efficiency semi-closed twin-screw compressors with compact structure, small size, light weight, and small installation position. And many other advantages. The semi-closed double spiral structure refrigeration compressor has few fitness sports components. The refrigeration compressor uses a 5: 6 ultra-high efficiency spiral rotation, and the rotor is not immediately damaged, and it has high reliability. Because the screw machine is a non-pulsation continuous refrigeration compressor, the generator set has the characteristics of stable performance, low noise, small vibration, and stable operation. Compared with the reciprocating compressor, the high efficiency has been improved by 20% -30%, and has obtained the international quality system certification and authority in the United States.

2. Perfect energy control system: The unit has a four-level capacity control system, which automatically adjusts the start and stop of the unit based on load changes to save energy. In operation, the electronic computer control system changes the kinetic energy output of the module according to the thermal load change of the remote server. Based on detecting the difference between the specific load and the customer's setting, the microcomputer quickly and clearly moves the spool valve driver to a data signal that requires kinetic energy. And in several system softwares, at least the electromagnetic energy consumption fee increase method at the time of cold output work, not only the performance reflected at full load, but also high operational efficiency at partial load;

3. Independent refrigeration cycle system: The large-capacity unit has two or more independent refrigeration circuits, even if one circuit fails / maintains, the other circuit can operate normally. With backup file function, very suitable for industrial production without parking natural environment

4. Easy installation

5. The low-temperature chiller has a compact structure and a small total area, which saves the indoor space of the main engine room.

6. When the entire equipment leaves the factory, it can exceed the application situation on the spot after the rigorous test operation is performed.

7. The numerical control lathe has small vibration, and the base does not need vibration measures.

8. Only the evaporator cooling water pipe and condenser cooling water pipe need to be connected during installation.

9. Low operation and maintenance costs

Low temperature chiller is widely used in vulcanized rubber, plastics, petroleum, chemical plants, welders, paper industry, textiles, brewing, pharmaceutical industry, machinery and equipment, food, beverages, vacuum pump coating, electroplating technology, home air conditioning and other fields.

The above are the related issues about the performance advantages of Jiangsu Hisili's temperature-controlled low-temperature chiller. I will explain the contents to everyone. I hope that everyone understands it after reading it. If you still want to understand the content in the later stage, you can contact the company