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Introduction of Screw Freezer and Temperature Control Technology


Jiangsu Haisi Temperature Control Co., Ltd. has a technical and service team specializing in industrial fluid temperature control technology for more than 10 years. The company has been committed to the development, production, sales service and technical consultation of high-performance industrial refrigerators. It is a professional manufacturer of industrial temperature control Equipment and companies that provide solutions for cooling, heating and temperature control systems. The company team's continuous innovation in the field of technology focuses on the customer's experience. It has been recognized by the industry and customers that it is the light of domestic goods to replace imported equipment.

Technical parameters of Jiangsu Hisili's temperature controlled industrial refrigeration chiller
1. Imported compressor high and low pressure protection, built-in overheating protection.
2. Low water level alarm device: the system will have an anti-icing alarm when the water temperature is too low during the use of the chiller
3. Welding interface of the chiller's internal refrigeration system. Our company adopts an oxygen-free welding process to reduce metal surface oxides and make the appearance of the machine more beautiful. More creative
4. In order to effectively reduce the enterprise's throttling, all the throttling parts of the company's low-temperature chiller and oil-cooled unit are imported materials.
5. Our chiller heat exchanger accessories are all made of high-quality stainless steel copper plate type, coil type, shell and tube type, fin type, and do not deceive consumers with good charge.
6. Our chiller uses high-efficiency evaporator and condenser, which can truly save energy for customers by more than 30%.

The screw type freezer has the characteristics of forced air delivery, that is, the air delivery volume is hardly affected by the pressure. In a wider working range, high efficiency can still be maintained. Although the screw refrigerator has the advantage of a high single-stage pressure ratio, as the pressure ratio increases, the leakage loss also increases rapidly, so the efficiency is significantly reduced during low-temperature operation.
The screw compressor has no reciprocating mass inertia force and good dynamic balance performance. The screw type freezer is a rotary compressor. It does not have a centrifugal or reciprocating compression motion. The pressure vibration of its compressed exhaust is very low, because when the screw rotates, recovery and compression occur 6 times a week. If a coin is placed during the compression operation, it will not fall due to vibration.
Screw-type freezer, when the working conditions are different, the gas transmission coefficient is different, approximately 0.7 ~ 0.92, the lower limit of the high gas transmission rate is taken as the lower limit, the lower limit of the large gas transmission rate is taken the upper limit. Because the screw freezer has no inlet, exhaust valve and clearance volume, the application of the new tooth profile and the fuel injection greatly improve the sealing and cooling effect, so its gas transmission coefficient is higher than that of piston and other types of rotary compressors. And the change is flat.
Although there are various methods for adjusting the air delivery volume of screw type freezers, the adjustment method using a slide valve has been widely used. The method of returning part of the working fluid in the elementary volume to the suction cavity is used to reduce the elementary volume value (postponing the starting position of the compression process), so as to achieve stepless adjustment of the gas transmission volume.