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Application of refrigeration heating temperature control system and introduction of low temperature chiller

The test object is connected to a test platform adapter; the inside of the part is cooled and heated by the ethylene glycol aqueous solution; the test part needs to undergo a specific temperature change curve, and the temperature change is recorded.
The range of temperature change is usually from -40 to 100 degrees (expandable to 150 degrees); when the resistance test is performed, it is usually performed in an infinite cycle; it is equipped with a powerful circulation pump and at the same time ensures the transportation of high viscosity liquids; using variable frequency adjustment Or the proportional control valve controls the flow output to achieve high-precision control of the total range of 5% to 100% adjustment.
Typical applications of refrigeration and heating temperature control systems: dynamic constant temperature control of cold and heat sources in high pressure reactors, dynamic constant temperature control of cold and heat sources in double-layer glass reactors, dynamic constant temperature control of cold and heat sources in double-layer reaction kettles, and constant temperature of cold and heat sources in microchannel reactor Control; small constant temperature control system, steam-saturation system temperature control, material low temperature and high temperature aging test, combined chemical cold source heat source constant temperature control, semiconductor equipment cooling and heating, vacuum chamber cooling and heating constant temperature control.
Advantages and functions of refrigeration heating temperature control system : The temperature range is from -120 ℃ to 350 ℃, with superior performance, high precision and intelligent temperature control. Multifunctional alarm system and safety function, 7-inch, 10-inch color TFT touch screen graphic display, using magnetic drive pump, no shaft seal leakage problem. High-temperature cooling technology can directly cool down from 300 ℃ because only the heat-conducting medium in the expansion chamber is in contact with oxygen in the air (and the temperature of the expansion box is between normal temperature and 60 degrees), which can reduce the heat-conducting medium being oxidized and absorbed. Risk of moisture in the air.
Specializing in the production of low-temperature chiller, a very wide range of refrigeration temperature, controllable temperature -150 degrees ~ -5 degrees. It adopts secondary subcooling, fast cooling speed, safe and reliable. It is used for rapid liquid cooling. It is widely used in low temperature reactions in petrochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, freeze-drying, pharmaceutical, military and other industries. The product adopts international brand semi-hermetic compressors with small volume and high efficiency, and a single compressor can achieve -152 ° C temperature control; the unit's cooling water circuit uses an intermediate heat exchanger, which significantly improves the reliability and safety of the system.