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Brief introduction of closed refrigeration heating temperature control system

The closed refrigeration heating temperature control system is also called: high and low temperature circulation pump, high and low temperature integrated machine, and cold and heat integrated machine, which is specially used for the temperature rise and fall of the reactor. The expansion container, expansion container and liquid circulation are independent systems. The expansion container does not participate in the liquid circulation, but is a mechanical connection. Even in the case of high temperature operation, the heat conducting medium in the expansion vessel will not be higher than 50 degrees.

The entire liquid cycle is a closed system. There is no absorption of water vapor at low temperatures and no oil mist at high temperatures, which increases the service life of the heat transfer oil. The same equipment and the same heat transfer medium can achieve continuous temperature control of -100 degrees to 350 degrees. The range of cooling capacity is 0.5KW ~ 1200KW. Advantages and characteristics of heating and cooling temperature control system: 7-inch, 10-inch color TFT touch screen graphic display, which can clearly display various temperature real-time control conditions, display the system thermal expansion medium level of the expansion tank, and can manually turn on the refrigeration compressor and automatically turn on refrigeration Compressor, separately set the temperature difference between the control jacket and the material, and the upper and lower temperature ranges are very wide. The temperature range is from -100 ° C to 350 ° C. There is no need to change the liquid medium. At the same time as reducing the demand for thermal fluid, the heat utilization rate of the system is increased to achieve rapid temperature rise and fall. The electronic expansion valve produced by Emerson, USA is used to adjust the number of steps of the stepping motor to precisely control the amount of refrigerant liquid and improve the control accuracy. All SUNDI series cooling and heating temperature control systems can be connected to a computer, and the computer screen and the instrument screen can be synchronized through the configuration software. At the same time, Lneya is different from other heat-conducting oil furnace systems and refrigerator systems in terms of thermodynamic characteristics. Lneya shortens the heating and cooling time for your work and practice, has good stability, high repeatability and simple and convenient operation.