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Air-cooled hot and cold machine instructions

The air-cooled hot and cold integrated machine is a refrigeration heating and temperature control device that cooperates with various types of glass reactors, double-layer reactors, reactors, extraction equipment and other equipment to complete the operation of the same machine for cooling and heating.
The entire liquid circulation of the air-cooled cooling and heating machine is sealed, with a swollen container. The swollen container and the liquid circulation are insulated and do not participate in the liquid circulation, but are mechanically connected, regardless of whether the temperature of the liquid circulation is high. It is low temperature, and the medium in the expanded container is lower than 60 degrees. The entire liquid circulation is also a closed system, which can achieve no absorption of water vapor at low temperatures and no oil mist at high temperatures. The original heat transfer oil market with the SUNDI series products is very wide (low temperature -120 ℃ ~ high temperature 200 ℃); The circulatory system is closed without leakage.
Regardless of whether it is air-cooled or water-cooled, the temperature control equipment must be located in an operating environment that meets fresh air: the surrounding space is larger than 30cm. When selecting the heat-conducting medium of the air-cooled hot and cold machine, pay attention to whether its upper and lower temperature, ignition point, viscosity, freezing point, etc. meet the requirements and whether it is suitable for the use of the internal pipeline of the instrument.
When selecting the air-cooled cooling and heating integrated heat transfer medium pipe, the length should be as short as possible and the diameter should be as large as possible. If the diameter is too small, it may constitute a slow speed. Do not use water as the heat transfer medium. The unsuitable heat-conducting medium of the air-cooled heat and cold machine will have a negative impact on the equipment and may cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, only the manufacturer's regular thermal medium can be used and within the regular pressure range.
After filling the air-cooled hot and cold machine, it is necessary to set the equipment scheduling parameters from the beginning. This is a requirement for correct operation and use of the instrument. Do not tie the heat-conducting medium pipe of the air-cooled hot and cold machine. The hot and cold integrated machine transfers the heat-conducting medium tube to prevent the material from being damaged (such as fission). In order to prevent damage to the pipeline of the air-cooled hot and cold machine, when using water with high mineral content, always use water treatment chemicals to clean the pipeline dirt on time. (Water-cooled equipment)
The air-cooled hot and cold integrated machine is widely used in various pharmaceutical, chemical, scientific, biological, tertiary institutions, environmental protection and other fields. The equipment has a reasonable structure, simple operation, good stability performance, and is suitable for various reactor temperature control applications.