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Oil Cooler Features and Functions

The continuous development of oil coolers has achieved a good effect, and the characteristics of oil coolers have also achieved good results. After a long period of operation, the oil coolers have gained a good reputation, especially in the details. The oil cooler has its own changes, so it can be used well in many environments. The function of the oil cooler also has good characteristics. Next, the characteristics of the oil cooler are introduced in detail, so that everyone has A better understanding.

Features of oil cooler
1. The oil cooler prevents the working machinery from affecting accuracy due to changes in oil temperature.
2. The oil cooler avoids the deterioration of oil quality due to high temperature, keeps the oil viscosity unchanged, and makes the operation machinery stable.
3. The oil cooler is equipped with an automatic fault alarm function, which can prompt users to repair the equipment in a specific way to avoid damage to the parts.
4. The oil temperature control of the oil cooler is based on the body temperature (room temperature). The user can set the oil temperature according to the body temperature to avoid thermal deformation of the mechanical structure.
5. The oil-cooled oil immersion oil cooling temperature control equipment is not contaminated by impurities, not disturbed by cutting metal powder, etc. It is simple to clean and simple to maintain; the device is simple and does not take up space.

Folding oil cooler product features:
1. The main engine of the oil cooler is imported from Europe, America and Japan. The compressor has reliable operation, high power and low noise.
2. Imported high-quality oil pump, high pressure, high stability, durable.
3. Imported digital controller for oil cooler with high precision and wide application range.
4. The perfect electrical maintenance system of the oil cooler has phase loss, out-of-phase maintenance, current overload maintenance, and high and low voltage maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the unit.
5. The condenser of the oil-cooled unit uses a sleeve or shell-and-tube type, with internally threaded copper pipes, a reasonable design and good heat exchange; the cooling and cooling row of the air-cooled unit is composed of fins and team copper pipes. Secondary flanged fin mechanical tube expansion process and advanced heat exchanger production line ensure high quality and efficiency.
Oil chiller chiller:
By oil-cooled and air-cooled: Air-cooled chiller features:
1. Free installation of cooling tower, simple device, easy to move, suitable for occasions without water tower.
2. Low-noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensation, stable and saving mechanism, excellent anti-rust treatment.
3. Use high-performance compressors imported from Europe and America, with low noise and stable operation.
Cold oil machine features:
1. The ergonomic panel of the cold oil machine is fully automated and equipped with a precision electric temperature controller, which can run smoothly for a long time.
2. High efficiency heat transfer heat exchanger is used for the oil cooler, which has the advantages of less loss of cooling capacity, easy return to oil, and no frost cracking of the heat transfer tube.
3. The oil cooler is selected from Japan and the United States with high performance compressors, with low noise and stable operation.
Features of oil-cooled water-cooled screw unit:
1. The cold oil unit uses horizontal shell and tube condenser and shell and tube evaporator, which has the characteristics of simple structure, stable heat exchange, durable power and convenient maintenance.
2. The control system of the oil-cooled unit adopts imported PLC program controller. The human-machine interface is equipped with a large screen touch screen. The interface is simple and elegant, and the operation is intuitive and concise.
3. The chiller unit has reliable safety maintenance equipment, including: high and low pressure maintainer, exhaust overheat maintainer, compressor motor overheat maintainer, overload current maintainer, antifreeze temperature maintainer, water flow maintainer, and urgent stop switch , Temperature-sensitive fusible plug, safety valve, etc.