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Industrial oil cooler characteristics and functions and applicable types

Industrial oil coolers cannot be prevented from heating during operation. The temperature rise caused by heat during use will directly cause the equipment to deform, and then the processing accuracy will decrease, mechanical movement will be unstable, and errors will increase. Large, tool wear, poor quality of the machining surface, oil quality deterioration, etc. then affect the normal operation of the machine.

In order to deal with the above problems, we have specially developed oil cooling equipment, which is suitable for hydraulic machines, CNC machine tools, precision grinders, machining centers, and various high-speed machinery. .

The industrial oil cooler operates smoothly and reliably, with low noise, long life, digital flash type electronic temperature controller, and push-button operation, which can detect the temperature of the frozen oil in real time. Prevents the spindle of CNC working machinery from affecting accuracy due to changes in oil temperature. Prevent oil shock and oil cracking, and insist on constant lubrication viscosity to make the spindle stable.

The industrial oil chiller is a precision chiller, which is controlled by the PID system. It uses imported temperature controllers with a temperature difference of ± 1 ° C. Imported high temperature resistant pumps, high pressure and large flow, achieve better AC performance. Use high efficiency Electric heating pipe with long service life. The main control appliances and operating elements in the industrial oil cooler are imported brands. Equipped with replacement media valves, the industrial oil cooler is easy to use. Excellent and sturdy frame, extremely convenient to maintain.

Applicable varieties of industrial oil cooler:

1.Lathes, high-speed lathes

2. Internal and external diameter grinding machine

3. EDM

4.Hydraulic machinery

5.Grinding machine, broaching machine, milling machine

6.Induction processing center plan

7.Carpenter engraving machine, cutting machine, etc.

Characteristics and functions of industrial oil coolers:

1. Prevent working machinery from affecting accuracy due to changes in oil temperature.

2. Prevent the oil quality from deteriorating due to high temperature, keep the oil viscosity unchanged, and make the operation machinery stable.

3. The industrial oil cooler is equipped with an automatic fault alarm function, which can prompt the user to perform maintenance on the equipment in a specific way to prevent damage to the parts.

4. The oil temperature control is based on the body temperature (room temperature). The user can set the oil temperature according to the body temperature to prevent thermal deformation of the mechanical structure.

5. Indulgent oil cooling and temperature control equipment is not contaminated by impurities, industrial oil coolers are not disturbed by cutting metal powder, etc., and they are simple to clean and simple to maintain; they are simple to install and take up no space.