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Maintenance of refrigeration units

In order to ensure the long-term trouble-free operation of the refrigeration unit , it is important to select the appropriate maintenance operations. Then, how should the refrigeration unit be properly maintained at ordinary times?

(1) Keep the refrigerant and oil clean

When the refrigeration unit is performing maintenance, it is basically necessary to perform maintenance on the cooling system. After maintenance, be sure to pump out all the vacuum before restarting the operation. Moisture, when the compressor is running, it must be ensured that all are operated in accordance with normal conditions, otherwise it will affect the life of key components.

(2) Ensure the suction inlet filter is clean

On the sidelines of the practical maintenance of the refrigerating unit, it is necessary to regularly check the equipment. Especially about some welding slags that may exist on the suction inlet channel of the compressor, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive review of them. Some dirty things should be prevented from breaking, and all particles should be pressed into the compressor.

(3) Persist in cleaning the oil filter. If there is an increase in pressure, it indicates that there is dirt in the refrigeration unit, and it is necessary to shut down and clean or replace the filter. The compressor will run for a long time under the excessively high filter pressure drop, which will cause Pressure drops and oil shortages can cause premature bearing damage under these conditions.

(4) Prevent the compressor from being blocked by the intelligent machine

In the vicinity of the existing types of compressors, it is necessary to maintain the liquid spray method, adjust to an appropriate position, and be in an outstanding condition to prevent these liquids from splashing outward at the time of operation. Spattering will reduce the life of the equipment.