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How does the hot and cold machine implement temperature control?

The water cycle cooling and heating integrated machine equipment consists of a water tank, a cold and hot system, etc. The cold and hot integrated system is independent and the hot system has a water tank, and the cold and hot systems have a reverse pumping function. The hot water system is required to actively replenish water through the cold water system water tank. This function is also If it can be completed, the operating principle of the equipment is as follows:

The hot and cold integrated machine is composed of a hot water system and a cold water system. The hot water system is an electric heating water temperature machine that can actively control the temperature of the heated object. The cold water system is a cold water machine that can complete the cooling of the object. Active temperature control.

The hot water system replenishes the hot water tank through the water tank water replenishment solenoid valve, and the cold water system also replenishes water through the chiller water tank. The hot water tank adopts a concave and convex level device. When the hot water tank is at a low level, the integrated hot and cold machine has The alarm prompts that the solenoid valve between the hot water tank and the cold water tank is opened, the cold water tank fills the hot water tank in and out, and when the hot water tank is filled to a high level, the solenoid valve is closed, and the hot water tank is actively filled with water.

When the temperature control host needs heating, the thermal system of the integrated cooling and heating machine is activated. The water temperature equipment uses electricity as the heat source and water as the heat carrier. The circulation pump is used to forcibly circulate the heat energy to the heating equipment, and then return to the continuous heating from scratch. The cycle is repeated in this way, and the continuous increase of heat is completed, so that the temperature of the object to be heated is increased, and the process requirements of the heating constant temperature are reached.

When the temperature-controlling object needs to cool down, the compressor uses electric energy to perform work, compresses the refrigerant in the system into high-temperature and high-pressure gas, enters the condenser from the high-pressure exhaust port, and the condenser is equipped with a cooling fan. After the forced air activity, the refrigerant in the system is cooled. The temperature is reduced to normal temperature and high pressure liquid. The refrigerant passes through the filter to remove impurities and moisture from the system. After passing through the throttle valve, it enters the evaporator. The refrigerant becomes low-temperature and low-pressure gas, which absorbs the heat of the circulating water and reaches the purpose of refrigeration. Return to the compressor through the compressor suction port for the next cycle; the cooled cold passes through the circulation pump and sends the cold water to the object to be cooled for cooling, and then returns to continue to cool, so the cycle is repeated, so that the temperature of the object to be cooled is reduced , To reach the process requirements of cooling and constant temperature.

When the main unit finishes heating (cooling), the hot-water system water circulation pump of the cold and hot machine performs reverse pumping to return hot water to the hot water tank; similarly, the cold water system circulation pump performs reverse pumping to return cold water to the cold water tank. This is the whole process of temperature control of the hot and cold machine, I hope to help you.